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Stage One Lift Kits

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An entry-level suspension lift that is dependable AND affordable! The Stage One lift by Gorilla Axle is a lift system designed for mud AND trails!


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For years, Gorilla Axle has been the industry leader in Suspension Lift Systems ranging in size from 5.5" to 10" in lift. however, Gorilla Axle has never offered a riding solution to riders who would prefer to maintain a "stock feel" to their ATV or SxS. A huge majority of ATV enthusiasts prefer to maintain a stock-sized ATV in order to enjoy the comfort of a smooth ride, keep repair bills to a minumum, and be able to enjoy their ATV in every riding situation...not just "the bad stuff." Over the past two years, Gorilla Axle Engineers have been studying flaws in the leading brand name lifts on the market and now, the company that brought you the biggest and baddest...brings you the MOST DEPENDABLE!

Introducing The StageONE Suspension Lift by Gorilla Axle!

The StageONE Suspension Lift by Gorilla Axle is a bolt-on, bracket and spacer suspension enhancement system that increases ground clearance by 1.5 - 3 inches depending on application. The StageONE Suspension Lift by Gorilla Axle offers the following features:

1/4" Steel Brackets - To conserve costs and increase profits, "lift kits" on the market today settle with brackets made of 1/16" steel, usually cut from square tubing. There's no "MEAT" to the product and the slightest obstacle could have the power to bend or even break the bracket and render the lift useless and the rider disappointed. When Gorilla Axle decided to make the StageONE Suspension Lift by Gorilla Axle, we wanted to be sure to maintain the strength and durability that you've come to expect from Gorilla Axle products. Gorilla Axle Engineers employed the use of 3/16 - 1/4 inch stell which gives The StageONE over 100% MORE DURABILITY than the other lifts available today.

Billet Aluminum Spacers - Spring spacers stiffen the suspension by tightening the springs and reducing sag caused by harsh riding conditions. By stiffening the springs on the shock assembly, extra ground clearance is gained allowing for larger oversized tires to be mounted below the fender and out of the way of drivetrain and frame components. Our billet aluminum spacers LOOK just as good as they RIDE!

Powder Coated Finish - For a higher quality appearance and added durability, The StageONE Suspension Lift by Gorilla Axle is powder coated, which adds life to your components. If you've ever looked under the fender of a machine that has the leading brand, then you've seen the sore thumb sticking out. Brackets that stick out and look like they shouldn't be there...well...shouldn't be there. StageONE Suspension Lift components are powder coated silver to set them apart from lesser lift kits. You just spent A LOT of monoey on a new machine. Don't just bolt "anything" on it. Make it look GOOD!

Simple Bolt-On Installation - Gorilla Axle Engineers designed The StageONE Suspension Lift to be an entry level system. In order for everyone to enjoy The StageONE, they kept the installation process as simple as possible. In most cases, StageONE Systems can be installed with no cutting, welding, drilling, or other advanced mechanical techniques or tools. The StageONE System is designed ot take no more than one to two hours on installation, even with the most basic mechanical knowledge and tools.

Easy-To-Follow Instructions - In order for everyone to understand the installation process, The StageONE Suspension Lift by Gorilla Axle instructions were written by a specialist so that anyone can understand. Instruction writers stayed clear of "tech terms" that can often confuse the biginner technician. Installation instructions, including photo guide, are included in every kit.

Trail-Friendly Results - Finally, a trail-friendly lift from the guys that brought you the first and most dependable competition lift on the market. The StageONE Suspension Lift by Gorilla Axle adds between 1.5" and 3" of suspension lift and ground clearance, depending on the application, and is ready for any trail OR mudhole you can throw at it!

Often times, the leading "lift kit" brands are more concerned about whether their lift is EXACTLY 2 INCHES in size than they are about the durability and dependability of the system. The fact is that when you install a lift system, axles are often the first thing to fail. NO ONE knows axles like Gorilla Axle. We also know just how much lift each ATV Model can withstand before that failure appears. Sometimes...2 inches is a little too much...and sometimes, it's just not enough! The StageONE Suspension Lift by Gorilla Axle is engineered to only allow enough lift that will keep the machine in sound riding condition at all times.

Finally...an entry-level suspension lift that is dependable AND affordable!

The StageONE Suspension Lift by Gorilla Axle - 1.5" - 3" Lift System Designed for Mud AND Trails!



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