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3145 Grigsby Ford Rd Malvern, AR 72104

Telephone: 318-345-8186

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Gorilla Axle, Inc. began as a small automotive shop that specialized in front-end repair. Known in the early days as CV Joints Plus, the company also repaired ATV CV axles for local customers and friends. As the Utility ATV market exploded, so did the need for heavy-duty CV axles. Being avid outdoorsmen and ATV enthusiasts, the staff of CV Joints Plus was determined to find a fix for the problematic stock CV axles that were too weak to hold up to the constant abuse caused by the boom in oversized aggressive tires and suspension lift kits that had come onto the market. Having a large supply of automotive-grade CV parts, CV Joints Plus began to research components to build axles for ATVs that would hold up and keep the customers happy and on the trails. After a few successful runs, Gorilla Axle was born. Knowing that focusing on the immediate area would be shortsighted, Gorilla Axle set out to gain market share and further develop the Gorilla Axle line. Soon, Gorilla Axle eclipsed the sales of the automotive-based CV Joints Plus and continues to grow in size and annual sales to this day. With all Gorilla Axles having a full one-year warranty, they have proven to stand up to the largest ATVs with super-aggressive tires installed and ridden in the worst conditions imaginable.

In 2011, Gorilla Axle offers Gorilla Axle Duty Axles for models ranging from a 1987 Polaris Trailblazer 250 to the all new 2011 Can-Am Outlander 800R X MR which comes with Gorilla Axle Silverback Tires, straight from the Can-Am factory with new applications being added on an almost weekly basis. Along with building axles to fit stock ATVs, Gorilla Axle excels in building custom axles for customers who have radically modified their ATV or are seeking a unique application such as rock crawling vehicles or Baja Racers. Although usually costly and time consuming, Gorilla Axle has often proven to be the only solution for people desiring to have a unique ATV or to build their own vehicle to suit their needs. Having the ability to build custom axles is not just a benefit for customers, though. Not only is Gorilla Axle the manufacturer, they are also a client! Team Gorilla Axle boasts one of if not THE largest fleet of oversized ATVs and RUVs anywhere in the nation. These giant machines provide incredible exposure for Gorilla Axle and are conversation pieces wherever they appear. Included in the Gorilla Axle Racing Fleet are the machines ridden by Team Gorilla Axle Powered by Can-Am...the most decorated ATV mud racing team in the nation.

Gorilla Axle believes that they shouldn't be the only ones who can reach such heights; so, recently, Gorilla Axle expanded to include suspension lift kits. Since Gorilla Axles customers tend to be true ATV enthusiasts, and due to the popularity of smaller lift kits on the market, Gorilla Axle offers lift kits ranging from the StageONE Lift Kit, which allows the customer to maintain the stock-feel of their machine and offers 1.5-3" of lift to the ORIGINAL Gorilla Axle Suspension Lift s, which offer between 4-10", depending on model and customer desire. These new lifts, which are completely bolt on and require no fabricating from the customer, raise the ATV to offer incredible ground clearance and off -road capabilities when compared with stock ATV units. Gorilla Axle Suspension Lifts are available for many makes and models with new applications in R&D on a constant basis. Gorilla Axle has shipped products from their headquarters in Monroe, LA to enthusiasts in many different countries and climates; from the frozen lands of Northern Alaska to the Deserts of Iraq, you can find Gorilla Axles all over the world. As the ATV market continues to grow at a rapid pace, Gorilla Axle will continue to fill the special needs of ATV enthusiasts everywhere with products that are proudly 100% made right here in the USA! Performance.

Power. Precision. Perfection. Gorilla Axle, Why Settle for Smaller?