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Gorilla Axle Replacement Boot Kit Instructions and Video Guide

Tools Needed:

Clamp Tool,5lb. Brass hammer, Table Mounted Vise, Screwdriver or Pliers, Cleaning Fluid


  1. Gorilla Axle Replacement Boot Kit Instructions and Video Gy
  2. Gorilla Duty Axle
  3. Remove axle from ATV or RUV.
  4. Place axle bar into a vise and tighten vice so that axle does not move.
  5. Remove clamps from damaged or torn boot.
  6. Remove boot by cutting in half.
  7. Position the Axle so that the outer joint is horizontal with the axle bar.
  8. Hit the lip of the joint, knocking the joint off of the axle bar.
    (This may require several strong blows to the joint to get it off.)
    Continue to strike joint until it releases off of axle bar.
  9. Clean inside of joint of any debris and remove all grease, dirt, etc...


  1. Place new boot on axle bar and slide back onto middle of the axle bar.
  2. Replace circlip, if needed on end of axle bar.
  3. Squeeze grease pack into joint and place joint onto axle bar.
  4. With a brass hammer, strike joint back onto axle bar.
  5. Rotate joint and check for plunge.
  6. Place boot over joint and apply clamps.