Now with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Always made in the USA

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Gorilla Axle was the first Company to bring a High-Performance axle to Market. In 2000, we developed the first Heavy Duty ATV axle to handle the stress Of Highlifter's Lift Kits and the revolutionary OUTLAW tire. This was just a start for Gorilla as the ATV market quickly advanced with much larger atvs and greater horsepower. Lift kits with extended a-arms and extreme angles were held back by one component: A High Angle axle. Seeing this need Gorilla again brought innovation to the ATV world by having the first Heavy Duty High Angle CV axle. With this axle the big lift era began and continues to grow today! Gorilla went on to pioneer Heavy Duty axles for the Military, Custom long travel axles for the Yamaha Rhino used in the Dunes and the development of Mud Ready Quads direct from the factory.


Gorilla Axles along with several of our competitors offer axles machined and assembled in the USA. We use AMERICAN steel, AMERICAN machinery, AMERICAN labor even AMERICAN grease by Lucas Oil... Inherently using American products provide us and you the customer, with the best axle available but it comes at a price. An American made, high performance axle will range from $400.00 to $750.00 per axle. This pricing is consistent with all the companies selling American axles. NO exceptions. If you find an axle priced from $60.00 to $299.00 its CHINESE. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a Chinese axle from an American company. Just remember, you get what you pay for.


Gorilla now offers a lifetime warranty on stock and extended lengths and custom axles purchased after 2-14-2019. This warranty includes all metal components with no restrictions on the amount of times the axle breaks. Most of our American competitors offer a one-year warranty. Most Chinese competitors offer a one-year warranty with a SINGLE, ONE TIME replacement. This normally is accompanied by a $50.00 warranty fee. For instance, if you purchase a Chinese “Heavy Duty” axle for $200.00 with a one-year warranty; when the axle breaks you are able to get a replacement for $50.00 having $250.00 in the axle. If the axle breaks again... Its scrap. No warranty left and most often not able to repair it, So you buy another axle for $200.00. By now you have $450.00 in a Chinese axle that has a one-time replacement for more money and still cannot be repaired. Other companies that offer Chinese axles will allow multiple warranty claims but will require a $50 replacement each time you send the axle in for warranty, plus shipping to their company....after a couple of warranty claims, you will end up with $330-$350 or more in a Chinese axle that isn't serviceable after the 1 year period so you must buy another $200 axle when it breaks again, having spent $550 or more in 12-18 months time.

With a Gorilla, your axle is an investment. The warranty covers the original purchaser for the life of the axle. All the components of the Gorilla Axle can be replaced at anytime in the future. If you are not the original purchaser we can still service your older Gorilla Axle! We see a steady stream of axles from the mid 2000's. 10-15 year old Gorilla Axles are being serviced and continue to operate for years in the future.