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How to install a Rebuild Kit

If you need help removing your rebuild kit before installing your new one, see video here.


  1. Remove cv cup (bell housing) from axle bar by striking the edge of the cv cup with a large metal hammer (the star race may need to be cut off with a side grinder or similar tool).
  2. **NOTE** Gorilla Axles may be disassembled by placing the axle bar in a vice, pulling the rubber boot back and hitting the outside edge of the cup very, very hard. **Use a 5lb brass hammer if possible.
  3. Clean out cv cup and inspect for grooves or hairline fractures. Pop ball bearings out of supplied rebuild kit.
  4. Turn cage (with star race inside) vertically with the windows in cage lining up in between the ball grooves in the cv cup. (the cage may need to be tapped to fall into place)
  5. After cage is in, roll cage around using a punch and hammer until tapered part of star race faces out of cv cup. With heavy duty kits the cone shape of the cage should face out as well.
  6. Continue to roll cage until there is enough room to install one ball bearing from outside into the cage window. Continue to do so by installing the ball bearings ACROSS from each other until all 6 are in.
  7. Align splines on star race with splines on axle bar and gently tap the cv cup until race slides over circlip and locks on.